Intellectual Property has expanded to encompass other than just traditional forms of intellectual property rights, such as data bases or trade secrets. But the digitization of our world has changed the way of doing business. Companies relying exponentially on computers and networks inadvertently expose their strategic advantages to volatile cyber risks. Intellectual Property (IP) and Information Security (IS) are two fields where deep, technical expertise and very specific, legal skills imperatively converge.

In that era of ever increasing necessity to shield one’s IP and Data in both conventional and online environments, INTEL-LEX has the people to do it. Our accumulated experience of more than 30 years at the intersection of technology and law is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us unique in Greece, Cyprus and the rest of the Eastern Mediterranean. INTEL-LEX is the only consulting firm in the Eastern Mediterranean to offer advice from qualified Intellectual Property and Patent Attorneys, former examiners of the EPO, technology specialists and specially trained lawyers.

We offer a one – stop solution that will add value to your innovative ideas and data. Entrusting your IP rights and Information with us can ensure that you will be able to take the most out of your intangible assets to conquer the world markets while avoiding any commercial, administrative or legal ramifications and concerns. Our team is ready to discuss with you and protect your labour and investments in the most efficient and comprehensive way according to your needs.

Our team of experts offers a wide range of consulting services in Intellectual Property and Data, focusing on Patents (drafting, filing, opposition procedure, licensing) and Data Management (Information Security, Cyber Insurance, GDPR and Data Protection, Cloud Computing, Big Data). We are also in position to protect your trademarks and copyright in the most effective way.

Our expertise related to the various categories of Intellectual Property, Patent Drafting, Information Security, and Data Protection involves:

  • drafting numerous patent applications, for individual inventors, small and medium enterprises, such as Gizelis Robotics, Myrmex, Validata, Alchimica, Research Institutions, as well as larger companies (most clients opt for discretion)
  • working experience on the prosecution of more than 10.000 patent applications, filed by various applicants and companies of different size
  • work visits in major applicants such as Nike (USA), Philips (The Netherlands), General Electric (USA), Canon (Japan), Baidu (China), Airbus Industries (France) and others
  • providing opinions and advice on strategy and data management for a variety of industries, such as building materials, machinery, software, electronics, and robotics
  • registering many trademarks and defending copyright infringements
  • undertaking compliance with data protection obligations under the GDPR and other more specific legislation for telecommunication operators and other companies like M-STAT SA and OPENCOMM SA
  • offering Data Protection Officer (DPO) services
  • promoting the development of cyber insurance in Greece, Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean
  • providing legal support in building web sites and e-shops compliant with the law
  • consulting on copyright, trademarks, trade secrets and designs
  • representing clients in all kinds of legal proceedings in respect of IP and IS issues