Our highly trained professionals are in the position to offer you strategic advice on how to exploit and manage your innovation in the most profitable way. We are able to guide you through the complexity of the patent landscape, and assist you with:

• Understanding which part of your innovation can be protected by a patent
• Defining which part of your activity may infringe other patent rights (Freedom to Operate or FTO studies)
• Defining in which geographical territory a patent application should be enforced, in order to increase your intangible assets with a reasonable cost
• Being aware of what has to be contributed in terms of technological knowledge, and the time and costs involved
• Due diligence
• Preparing, drafting and filing a patent application
• Prosecuting the patent application until its final grant and its validation in different territories
• Following your competitors’ innovation throughout time
• Discovering the technological landscape
• Deciding in which countries your product is free to be produced or sold at, through a patent search
• Assessing the option for enforcement