Introductory consultation

The purpose of this first meeting is triple:

First, we will understand the strategic objectives of your company, your markets, your competitors and your potential to get Intellectual Property Rights. You will bring your innovative ideas, designs, trademarks, copyrights and we will advise you on how to better protect them by obtaining strong, tailor-made titles. We will discuss your possible need for Data Management or any other concern you may have regarding your Intellectual Property.

In this meeting we will also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), a paper which guarantees that the content of our meetings and exchanges will stay confidential.

Finally, we will provide you with a timeline and the cost involved in each phase of the processes. Please note that the cost on any of the process depends on the territorial protection and the duration of the protection. A simple application in the Greek region may cost a few hundred euros, while a global application could cost a few thousands. Safeguarding your rights in major European countries, USA, Japan or China for a period of 20 years might cost hundreds of thousands of euros. Of course, you will invest this money, only if your patent can be profitable.

Our goal is to recommend the direction towards the maximum profit, with the minimum cost.